Living Published Women Poets in the UK
Anne Cadwell
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Anne Caldwell poet

Anne Caldwell lives in North West England.


Talking to the Dead (Cinnamon 2011)

Slug Language (Happenstance 2008)

Only Connect (Cinnamon 2007)

Poet’s Cheshire anthology (Headland)

The Nerve anthology (Virago)

Some Girls Mothers creative non fiction as contributor and editor (Route)

Anne Caldwell has an MA in creative writing from Manchester Metropolitan University. She won a micro-story competition organised by Museums and Libraries in West Yorkshire with a story that explored the theme of shoes. In 2006 Anne Caldwell stayed at the Banff Centre in Canada, using the opportunity to work alongside Canadian writers.

She runs a Sources, a company that specialises in using text and visual art, often working with digital artist Jack Lockhart. This resulted in a commission to produce a poetry animation for National Poetry Day in the UK in 2006.  Through Sources, Anne Caldwell did a residency with IOU Theatre Company in Dean Clough Halifax during 2007. At the Cape UK Conference in 2009 Anne Caldwell presented a paper on the National Association of Writers in Education’s three year project exploring the benefits of writers in schools.

Anne Caldwell performs with the poetry group Poets with a Kick, with whom she also runs workshops.  She has worked for the National Association of Writers in Education and at the Open University and Bolton University.  Currently she works as a Creative Agent for schools in West Yorkshire, supporting creative projects including working with sculptor Mick Kirkby Geddes, ceramicist Karen Howarth and film maker Beverley Addy, as well as a drama and writing project in conjunction with Proper Job theatre company.

Official website http://annecaldwell.net/

“her poems achieve a unifying sensuality and emotional force that is always rooted in the ordinary moments of a woman’s life.  Many of her poems explore the tensions between the domestic and the wild, the down to earth and the dark recesses of the imagination,” Amanda Dalton

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