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Caroline Gourlay
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Caroline Gourlay poet

Caroline Gourlay lives on the Welsh Border.


Lull Before Dark (Brooks Books, 2005)

This Country (Poetry Monthly Press, 2005)

Against the Odds (Hub Press, 2001)

Through the Café Door (Snapshot Press, 2000)

Reading all Night (Hub Press, 1999)

Crossing the Field (Redlake Press, 1995)

Caroline Gourlay joined the British Haiku Society in 1994 and later the Haiku Society of America. She is a patron of the Ledbury Poetry Festival. Her haiku and tanka have been widely anthologised and five of her tanka were among the winners of the 1997 Tanka Splendor Award. Caroline Gourlay won the 1996 James Hackett Award for Haiku.

Caroline Gourlay edited Blithe Spirit magazine dedicated to haiku and haiku-related poetry forms from 1998 to 2000.

“Here the poet expresses successfully the inexpressible that resides in that magical conjunction of reality and unreality when falling asleep. Just so, nature is imbued with those magical transitions that carry the perceiver into another dimension. The juxtaposition of sleep and the sound of water growing darker is an intuitive, almost mythical awareness. It is one of those wonderful synesthetic experiences we knew once but forgot. Gourlay is there to help remind us of those lost moments once forgotten and now recaptured. Here is an example of another mythical awareness that carries the reader into a deeper and more profound understanding of the interconnection of the living with life,” Marjorie Buettner (Modern Haiku)

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