Living Published Women Poets in the UK
Caroline Natzler
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Caroline Natzler poet

Caroline Natzler lives in London.


Smart Dust (Grenadine Press, 2009)

Design Fault (Flambard, 2001)

Speaking the Wetlands (1998)

Short Stories

Water Wings (Onlywomen, 1990)

Caroline Natzler teaches Creative Writing in London, at the City University at Birkbeck College and at City Lit. She also runs freelance writing workshops. Caroline Natzler’s first publication Water Wings was a  series of autobiographically based short stories and thereafter she focused on poetry. British composer Cecilia McDowall has composed a song based on one of Caroline Natzler’s poems,.included on the CD If
there are angels

Caroline Natzler is also a qualified lawyer and works part-time as a lawyer for a local authority. She contributed an essay to Virgo’s Boys in Blue: women’s Challenge to the Police on homophobic bullying and the law.

“Although Caroline Natzler is a brilliantly astringent writer her work does not shy away from examining the big themes of metaphysics… She is a true original whose seriousness of purpose is tempered by wit and charm. She has a genuine respect for language.” Acumen

Caroline Natzler at poetry pf http://www.poetrypf.co.uk/carolinenatzlerpage.html

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