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Caroline Price
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Caroline Price poet

Caroline Price was born in Middlesex and now lives in Kent.


Wishbone (Shoestring, 2008)

Pictures Against Skin (Rockingham Press, 1994)

Thinking of the Bull Dancers (Littlewood Arc, 1987)


Four Caves of the Heart anthology of women’s poetry with Myra Schneider (Second Light, 2004)

Caroline Price studied Music at York University and Violin at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. She has worked as a violinist and teacher for the Scottish Ballet in Glasgow, and in London and Kent and now works for Kent Music. Caroline Price has written reviews and carried out commissions for Kent and Medway Councils.

In 1997 she took part in the Muze tour as one of ten women poets from England, Ireland, France, Belgium and Flanders, discussing and reading their work. In 2006 Caroline Price completed a diploma in French with the Open University and the following year was awarded a residency at the Villa Marguerite Yorcenar to finish work on a third collection, Wishbone. Caroline Price has written the introduction to an English translation by Anne-Marie Glasheen of poems by Luxemborg poet Anise Koltz published in the Arc Visible Poet series. In 2008 Caroline Price was writer in residence at the Lycee Sophie Berthelot in Calais. She was commissioned for a short story for Fictions Europeannes on the theme of space published by the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES).

Caroline Price is a founder member of the N7 poetry workshop in north London and a supporter of the Kent and Sussex Poetry Society.

“Caroline Price’s key subject matter in Wishbone, her third collection, is the human situation and its complexities. She is a keen observer of detail and nuances of behaviour but her writing is never too dense as she is adept at cutting to the essential and making it point to meanings which lie beneath the surface.  Many of her poems are third person narratives which focus on a telling scene or a critical moment to underpin the story. In Calvados she catches in a fatalistic, film-like manner the happiness at a picnic immediately before a small boy is killed when the gun his father’s friend is cleaning accidentally goes off. She employs this mode too in the disturbing and potent poems about damaging relationships which open the book. A man who batters his partner is depicted reciting the names of stars. His gentleness shows another side of his character but with terrible irony and her acceptance of his violence, even though it has unnerved her, is heartrending” Myra Schneider

Caroline Price at poetry pf http://www.poetrypf.co.uk/carolinepricepage.html


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