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Cathy Ryan
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Cathy Ryan poet


I Dare You (tall-lighthouse, 2006)

Cathy Ryan trained as an actor and dancer and has a passion for theatre and performance. She works as a 5 Rhythms teacher, working throughout Europe.

“This collection is about love, physical love. The poems, although they are addressed to a woman by a woman, have an intensity and directness which can apply equally to heterosexual love. Take, for example, the first poem, The Bottom: ‘Let your heart go/ over the precipice / on the bungee cord of your soul// It will crash against the rocks/ on its way to the bottom/ where it can just be// still, pulsing, loving.’ Then there’s You Came With Your Husband. Read without the title, the sex of neither the writer nor the object of desire is specified. It’s a love poem, pure and simple. As are the others. If the occasional outright reference to lesbian sex offends you, then this is not the book for you, but if you like poems about passion, naked and vulnerable in their intensity, it most certainly is. Yes, read it. There is a lot to ponder, to enjoy. Go on, I dare you.” Lyn Moir (Sphinx)

Cathy Ryan at tall-lighthouse http://www.tall-lighthouse.co.uk/p_cathy-ryan.html


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