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Charlotte Runcie
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Charlotte Runcie poet

Charlotte Runcie was born in Edinburgh.


Seventeen Horse Skeletons (tall-lighthouse, 2010)

Charlotte Runcie has a degree in English from Cambridge University and has written for newspapers and magazines including The Scotsman and The Guardian. Charlotte Runcie was a Foyle Young Poet of the Year in 2006 and won the 2007 Christopher Tower Poetry Prize. In 2009 she won columnist of the year at the Guardian Student Media Awards.

Charlotte Runcie is on the editorial for Pomegranate Magazine which publishes the work of poets under the age of thirty. She recommends younger poets read seek out opportunities for publication, listen to advice and submit work to editors and take part in open mic events – “your poems are no good to anyone if they’re kept in a notebook under your pillow.”

Charlotte Runcie is also a photographer and has photographed BBC Radio Scotland events for the BBC Website.

“Poised, quick-witted, economical poems that often start out from the corporeal, its pleasures and travails, and all its sloughed second skins, swaddling, masks and grave goods – I’ve been mightily impressed by Charlotte Runcie’s debut, and the lovely promise of even greater things to come which, like in all the best debuts, is insisted on every page here.”  Paul Farley

Official website http://charlotteruncie.com/index.htm

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