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Christine Evans
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Christine Evans poet

Christine Evans was born in West Yorkshire and moved to Pwllheli where she still lives.


Bardsey (Gomer, 2008)

Burning the Candle (Gomer, 2006)

Growth Rings (Seren, 2006)

Selected Poems (Seren, 2004)

Island of Dark Horses (Seren, 1995)

Falling Back (Seren, 1986)

Looking Inland (Seren, 1983)

Cometary Phases (Seren, 1989)

Christine Evans studied at Exeter University and became a teacher. She began writing poetry during maternity leave and her poetry is influenced by periods spent on Bardsey Island where her husband has worked as lighthouse keeper and fisherman.  It was also on Bardsey where she met R S Thomas, who had visited as a friend of her father-in-law. R S Thomas warned her that she wouldn’t be able to write because she wouldn’t have the time and young women tended to write about the same sort of things. Christine Evans saw this as a challenge and became more determined to write.

Christine Evans is an experienced creative writing tutor and regularly teaches at Ty Newydd and on Bardsey Island. She is a Fellow of the Academi of Wales. Christine Evans was commissioned to write a year’s journal and an extended account of a solitary journey to St David’s in midwinter. She has published landscape pieces and stories for children.

Christine Evans’s first collection Cometary Phases won Wales Book of the year in 1990 and Growth Rings was shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year in 2007. Selected Poems won the 2005 Roland Mathias Prize.

“…(Christine Evans demonstrates a) fresh eye and boldness of metaphor, a sense of living on the threshold of other worlds…” 2005 Roland Mathias Prize judges

Christine Evans at Gomer Press http://www.gomer.co.uk/gomer/en/gomer.ViewAuthor/authorBio/130

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