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Daphne Gloag
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Daphne Gloag

Daphne Gloag was born in Cheshire but has spent most of her life near London.


A Compression of Distances (Cinnamon Press, 2009)

Diversities of Silence (Brentham Press, 1995)

Daphne Gloag read Classics and Philosophy at Oxford and worked as a medical journalist and editor, winning a prize from the Medical Journalists Association. She won the Silver Wyvern Award in the Poetry on the Lake Competition and a few of her poems have been translated into Italian and published in Italy in the journal Humanitas. Daphne Gloag was also a prize-winner in the Scintilla competition.

Daphne Gloag’s main focus in poetry is the long poem sequence.

“Daphne Gloag’s poetry has an extraordinary range of reference: to books, artists, architecture, place and the physical universe. What is remarkable about her writing is the way in which she investigates these interests and uses them to illuminate human experience, in particular her close relationship with the you the poems often address. Here is a distinctive voice, both enquiring and lyrical, which affirms life and celebrates love,” Myra Schneider

Daphne Gloag at poetry pf http://www.poetrypf.co.uk/daphnegloagpage.html

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