Living Published Women Poets in the UK
Diana Gittins
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Diana Gittins

Diana Gittins was born in the USA and grew up in New England. She now lives in Exeter and has lived in various places in Devon for many years. She came to England when she was 14 and went to Dartington Hall School. She studied in Paris for a year and has degrees from the University of Essex and Bath Spa University. She has worked abroad in various capacities and also as a university lecturer at the University of Plymouth and Colgate University (USA). She was a Research Fellow at the University of Essex and in recent years has worked part-time as an associate lecturer in creative writing for the Open University.

Her first collection, Dance of the Sheet, was published by Odyssey Press in 1993 and she has had poems published in various magazines and anthologies. She is waiting for a final decision on her second collection of poetry and has a draft manuscript for a pamphlet. She is currently working on a full-length sequence based on voices from a colonial war, and is also working on a memoir.

She is a Hawthornden Fellow and was a winner in the Guernsey Poetry on the Buses competition 2010. She has given readings at various centres in the UK, Switzerland and the USA.

She has published four works of nonfiction: Fair Sex (Hutchinson, 1982), The Family in Question (Macmillan, 1985 and 1992), Madness in its Place (Routledge, 1998) and The Child in Question (Macmillan 1998). Madness in its Place was nominated for the MIND award and selections from it were broadcast on BBC Radio 4. The Family in Question was shortlisted for the Fawcett Prize.

She has had stories published in Tears in the Fence, BRAND and the WOW! anthology (Scholastic) for children.



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