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Dinah Livingstone
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Dinah Livingstone had a country childhood in the West of England, then came to London, where she has lived in the same house in Camden Town since 1966. She has published poetry in many magazines and anthologies and in 9 books and 9 pamphlets of her own poems, for which she has received three Arts Council Writer’s Awards. She has given many poetry readings and talks in London, throughout Britain and abroad, including at the Granada (Nicaragua) International Poetry Festival in February 2011. She ran the Camden Voices Poetry Workshop for 20 years (1978-98) . She has published 4 non-fiction prose books, translated both poetry and prose and edits the magazine Sofia. She has three children and two grandsons.

Poetry Books: Embodiment  (Katabasis, London 2019); The Vision Splendid (Katabasis, 2014); Poems of Hampstead Heath and Regent’s Park (Katabasis,  2012); Kindness (Katabasis, 2007); Presence (Katabasis, 2003); Time on Earth: Selected and New Poems (Rockingham Press, Ware 1999); May Day (Katabasis, 1997); Second Sight (Katabasis, 1993); Keeping Heart (Katabasis, 1989); Saving Grace (Rivelin Grapheme, London 1987).

Poetry Pamphlets: St Pancras Wells (Hearing Eye, London 1991); Something Understood (Katabasis, 1985); Glad Rags (Katabasis, 1983); Love in Time (Katabasis, 1982); Prepositions and Conjunctions (Katabasis, 1977); Ultrasound (Katabasis, 1974); Maranatha (Katabasis, 1969); Tohu Bohu (Katabasis, 1968); Beginning (Katabasis, 1967).

Prose: The Making of Humanity: Poetic Vision and Kindness (Katabasis, 2017); Poetic Tales: Logosofia Down to Earth (Katabasis, 2010); The Poetry of Earth (Katabasis, 2000); Poetry Handbook for Readers and Writers (Macmillan, London, 1992).

Edited: Alfredo Cordal, Tongues of Fire (and part trans: Katabasis,  2011); This Life on Earth (prose and poetry: SOF, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 2009); Work: An Anthology (prose and poetry: Katabasis,  1999); Camden Voices Anthology 1978–1990 (poetry: Katabasis, 1990).

Her Translations Include:

Poetry translations: Nosotras: Poems by Nicaraguan Women (trans. & ed: NSC, London 1999); Daisy Zamora, Life for Each (Katabasis, 1994); Poets of the Nicaraguan Revolution (trans. & ed: Katabasis, 1993); María Eugenia Bravo Calderara, Prayer in the National Stadium (Katabasis,1992); Ernesto Cardenal, The Music of the Spheres (Katabasis, 1990); Carlos & Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy and Julio Valle-Castillo, The Nicaraguan Epic (Katabasis, 1989); Roberto Rivera-Reyes, Dawn Hunters and other Poems (part: Latin American Writers, London 1989); Anthology of Latin American Poets in London (part: Latin American Writers, 1988); Ernesto Cardenal, Nicaraguan New Time (Journeyman, London 1988;) Carlos Mejía Godoy, Nicaraguan Mass (Misa Campesina: CIIR, London 1986); Lorca and John of the Cross, Poems (Katabasis, 1968).

Prose translations: Andrea Riccardi, To the Margins (Orbis, New York 2018); Luis Antonio Tagle, I Have Learned from the Least (Orbis, 2017); Oscar Romero, The Church Cannot Remain Silent,  translated introduction by Angelo Amato (Orbis, 2016); Pope Francis, Morning Homilies (3 vols. Orbis, 2015-16); Leonardo Boff, Francis of Rome and Francis of Assisi,: A New Springtime for the Church (Orbis, 2014); Brother Emmanuel of Taizé, Love, Imperfectly Known (Continuum, London 2011); Jon Sobrino, The Eye of the Needle (Darton, Longman and Todd, London 2008); Nestor-Luis Cordero, By Being, It Is: The Thesis of Parmenides (Parmenides Publishing, Las Vegas 2004); Subcomandante Marcos, Zapatista Stories (Katabasis, 2001); Kintto Lucas, We Will Not Dance on our Grandparents’ Tombs: Indigenous Uprisings in Ecuador (CIIR, 2000); Anselm Grün, Angels of Grace ((Burns & Oates, London 1998); Tomás Borge, Carlos, Now the Dawn’s No Fond Illusion (Katabasis, 1996); María Pilar Aquino, Our Cry for Life (Orbis Books, 1993); Gustavo Gutiérrez, Jon Sobrino et al.,  Santo Domingo and After (CIIR, 1993); Jon Sobrino, Companions of Jesus: The Murder and Martyrdom of the Salvadorean Jesuits (CIIR, 1990); Jon Sobrino, The Crucified Peoples (CIIR, 1989); Luis Alonso Schökel, Moses (St Paul’s Publications, Slough 1989); María López Vigil, Death and Life in Morazán (CIIR,  1989); Walter Beyerlin, We are like Dreamers (T. and T. Clark, Edinburgh 1982); A. Pérez Esclarín, Jesús of Gramoven (Orbis Books, 1980); Ernesto Cardenal, Love (Search Press, London 1974); Helder Camara, The Desert is Fertile (Sheed and Ward, London 1974); Alain Labrousse, The Tupamaros (Penguin, Harmondsworth: Middx 1973); Wilhelm Weitling, The Poor Sinner’s Gospel (Sheed and Ward, 1969); Dorothee Sölle, The Truth is Concrete (Burns and Oates, 1969); Georg Schäfer, In the Kingdom of Mescal (Macdonald, London 1968); Karl Rahner, Nature and Grace (Sheed and Ward, 1963).

From review of The Vision Splendid: ‘Her new book is a celebration of London and Londoners, from its radical past to the multicultural present… The climax of the book is in two long utopian celebrations of London’ s contribution to the Good Old Cause, ‘No Mean City’ and the extraordinary ‘Epic’ — Morning Star

From review of Kindness: ‘The language is direct, unselfconscious and colloquial but under its apparent artlessness lies work of considerable intelligence and subtlety… Livingstone wears her learning very lightly, but it is not inconsiderable…In an age of alienation, Livingstone writes a poetry of belonging and hope, shot through with intelligence and moral force. For this reader, at least, it is both full of wonder and wonderful’ — Tears in the Fence

From review of Presence: ‘A collection which takes on the challenge of existence in this way cannot fail to earn respect… Livingstone has been writing thoughtful and distinctive poetry for a number of years. This book should delight her existing readers and be a revelation to new ones.’ — Acumen

More info on website: www.katabasis.co.uk/dinah.html

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