Living Published Women Poets in the UK
Emma-Jane Arkady
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Emma-Jane Arkady poet

Emma-Jane Arkady lives in Manchester.


Lithium (Arc, 2001)

Bipolarity: Poems of a Disorder (Flarestack, 2000)

Unfinished Inventions (Crocus Books, 1998 – out of print)

Knots on a Blue Rope (Flarestack,1998)

Emma-Jane Arkady was originally from Leicestershire but became a post-graduate student in Manchester where she still lives. She has studied geology and sedimentology and worked for engineering companies.

Emma-Jane Arkady was a founder editor of the poetry magazine Brando’s Hat and was a member of the Manchester Survivors’ Poetry group. After publishing three pamphlets, Emma-Jane Arkady’s first full length collection Lithium was launched with a reading at the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival in 2002.

“The quality of the writing is everywhere sensitive and alive, alert to the difficulty involved in articulating the (sometimes painful) subjects she seeks to explore. Arkady has an eye for the exact image, an ear attuned to the subtleties of rhythm, and a true poet’s gift for melding these into a verse that is lucid and memorable.” Ian Parks

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