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Gill McEvoy
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Gill McEvoy poet

Gill McEvoy was born in London and had a peripatetic childhood in Cornwall, Wales, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. She spent time in Finland, Canada, America and Ireland before settling in Chester.


The Plucking Shed (Cinnamon Press, 2010)

Sampler (Happenstance, 2008)

Uncertain Days (Happenstance, 2006)

Whilst in Ireland she studied at Trinity College Dublin and met her late husband Finbar. Having suffered with cancer, she feels this has spurred her on to make the most of whatever time she has left.

In Chester Gill McEvoy runs the Golden Bear poetry reading group, the Poem Shed, a workshop group and, with assistance from two friends, Zest! an open floor poetry night. Gill McEvoy has been Artistic Director for the performance festival Chester Oyez!  When time permits, she also writes a blog, Red Botinki and is a member of the Second Light poetry group. Her own poems have also been widely published in poetry magazines.

Blog: http://redbotinki.blogspot.com/

“Gill McEvoy is most certainly a writer and a very good one at that. Uncertain Days is a strong collection. The tone throughout is clear eyed and controlled. McEvoy eschews philosophising, grand statements and broad brush strokes, choosing instead to get in close and work with the details. McEvoy collects tiny incidents, cherishes and polishes them and then, like a mosaic artist, places each one perfectly to build up a bigger picture.” Tom Jenks (Parameter)

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