Living Published Women Poets in the UK
Helen Ivory
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Helen Ivory was born in Luton and has a Degree from Norwich Art School.   She spent most of her 20s and early 30s working as a free range egg farmer, and a laborer and brick layer.   She now edits the webzine Ink Sweat and Tears, and is an editor for The Poetry Archive.

She lives in Norwich with her husband, poet Martin Figura, where they run the live lit organization Cafe Writers.  She regularly posts poems and new artwork on her blog.


The Breakfast Machine Bloodaxe Books, 2010

The Dog in the Sky Bloodaxe Books, 2006

The Double Life of Clocks Bloodaxe Books, 2002


Writers Award, Arts Council of England, 2010

Author’s Foundation Award, 2008

Writers Award, Arts Council of England, 2005

Eric Gregory Award, 1999

“A direct approach, via deep folklore and dream imagery, to the conundrum of being a woman…in keeping with what I think we mean when we say ‘women’s writing.’ This book is mischievously dark, rick with anti-logic and harnessed to the power of something we used to call magic.”
Katy Evans-Bush

“A visually precise poet, with the gift of creating stunning images with an economy of means…Ivory has established an eerily engaging style. Her poems are like mobiles suspended on invisible threads, charming to watch as they seem to spin by themselves in the air, but capable of administering more than a paper cut on the sensibility of the reader.”
James Sutherland-Smith

Official website: http://www.helenivory.co.uk


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