Living Published Women Poets in the UK
Helen Oswald
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Helen Oswald poet

Helen Oswald lives in Brighton.


Learning Gravity (tall-lighthouse, 2010)

The Dark Skies Society (Waterloo Press, 2004)

Helen Oswald has received commendations in the Arvon International and National Poetry Competitions and has won the Blue Nose Poets-of-the-Year Competition. She also won Second Place in the Hollis Summers Poetry Prize run by Ohio University Press.

“Helen Oswald’s poems are intricate, fine and beautifully crafted, underpinned by melancholy and a sense of what is missing or unsaid. She travels the world, guaranteeing surprise, a new way of seeing. Learning Gravity moves between elegy, memory and love, always grounded, always with a powerful awareness of place,” Jackie Wills

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