Living Published Women Poets in the UK
How to add a profile

We welcome help in making this the only comprehensive database of published female poets living in the UK.   In order to feature on this database a poet must be:

  • female
  • alive
  • a UK resident
  • author of at least one pamphlet or book of poems (not self-published)

If you know of a poet who meets these criteria and is not featured here (including yourself), or if there is a skeleton profile here and you would like to contribute a full profile, we welcome your input.  If you wish to add or update a profile, please register to become a site user. This will allow you to contribute profiles. Make sure you follow the profile guidelines below. Profiles not conforming to these guidelines may be edited or deleted at our discretion. If you need higher level access (in order, for example, to edit an existing profile not originally written by yourself, please contact us.

How to add a Profile: Instructions

When you have been issued with your username and password, login in here.  Enter your username and password, and you will be on the WordPress Dashboard.

  1. First, go to “Users”, then “Your Profile” and choose a new password (one you can remember).   A strong one please (use letters etc). We’d appreciate it if you could also enter your first name and surname, so we know who everyone is!
  2. Profiles are added under ‘Posts’.  Please check if there is already a profile for the person in question. If  you wish to update the entry for someone already on the database, find their entry under the “posts” list and edit it.  Otherwise ‘Add New’.  Please follow our profile guidelines (see below) and when you are done, press ‘Publish’.
  3. The post title should be the poet’s full name.  The “permalink” (directly below the title) should be the poet’s name with dashes between it. This is created automatically but please edit it if necessary to conform to this format.  If a number is added (e.g.  http://a-gender.org/poets/ros-barber-2) then that person’s profile already exists – please find the existing profile and add to that instead.
  4. Select profile category from the check boxes on the right – this is simply the first letter of the poet’s surname.
  5. Click the far right toolbar button (which looks like a paintbox) to bring up the second row of the toolbar, which contains formatting options and buttons that allow you to copy-pasat from word or text documents.
  6. To load a photograph (which should always be the first item in a profile), select the picture icon next to “Upload/Insert” and upload the picture into the media library by following the instructions).  The title of the photograph should be changed so that it is simply the poet’s name, with first letters capitalised and no dashes e.g. ‘Jackie Wills’.  If the original photograph is copywrited, please ensure this the copyright symbol and photographer’s name are given as the file title e.g. ‘Jackie Wills (c) Giya Makondo-Wills’. The default settings (Left, 150×150 thumbnail) should not be changed. When the photograph title has been changed to the poet’s name (with any copyright symbol), simply select ‘insert into post’.
  7. The final entry on any profile should be a link to a website, either a more comprehensive profile, the author’s profile on the publisher’s website, or their own website/blog.  Use the hyperlink button (chain symbol) to add the weblink to the text, which should say either ‘Writer’s website’, ‘Publisher’s website’, ‘Writer’s profile on Contemporary Writers’ etc.  “Writer’s” should ideally be substituted with the writer’s name e.g. Ros Barber’s website.   When adding links, select ‘open in new tab’.

Profile Format

The formula we’re aiming for is pic, biog to include where the writer was born, grew up, lives now. Education (optional) and cultural heritage/parents backgrounds (optional), work (optional). We are not including date of birth. Publications, Prizes, Awards, Commissions, Residencies, Other publications, Work in other genres, a line or two from a review or blurb, then link to the writer’s or publisher’s website.

We’re aiming for 300 to 500 words but obviously profiles can be shorter for early-career poets.

Please contact us if you have any questions.