Living Published Women Poets in the UK
How to update your profile
If your profile is out of date and you’d like to update it, you can do so yourself.

If  you set up your own profile, just log in at http://a-gender.org/poets/wp-admin/ with your username and password.  If you can’t remember your password, just click the link “Lost your password?”  This will allow you to reset your password, and you can then log in.  If you can’t remember your username, or have any other problems, contact the web administrator.

If someone else set up your profile, register here: choose a username and you will be sent a password.  Please make a note of both. You will then need to contact the web administrator to get editing rights for your profile.


  1. Log in at http://a-gender.org/poets/wp-admin/ using your username and password
  2. To find your page from the Dashboard, click “Posts” (on the left hand side)  and select “All Posts“.
  3. On the “All Posts” page, click the down arrow just to the right of “All Categories” and you will see a drop-down menu with letters of the alphabet.
  4. Click on the letter your surname starts with and press “Filter“.
  5. After a few moments (sometimes it is slow) you should see a list of profiles for that letter. Scroll down and find yours.
  6. Move the cursor over your name and you will see a menu appear beneath it. Choose “Edit“.
  7. You are now in your profile and can make changes.  Use the guidelines from “How to Add a Profile”
  8. When you have finished, make sure you press the blue “Update” button on the right hand side.

If you have any problems, just get in touch.