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Jane Duran
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Jane Duran poet

Jane Duran was born in Cuba, brought up in the United States and Chile and now lives in London.


Graceline (Enitharmon, 2010)

Coastal (Enitharmon, 2006)

Silences from the Spanish Civil War (Enitharmon, 2002)

Breathe Now, Breathe (Enitharmon, 1995)

Jane Duran was born to an American mother and Spanish father who had fought during the Spanish Civil War but never talked about his experiences. He enlisted in the Republican Army against Franco and worked his way up to become its youngest general, so was never able to return to Spain. Jane Duran’s poems draw on these silences, loss and exile and explore her heritage growing up between the United States and Chile. After graduating from Cornell University, she moved to London.

Breathe Now, Breathe won the Forward Poetry Prize for Best First Collection. In 2005 Jane Duran won a Cholmondeley Award.

Her Spanish Peasant Boy (from Silences from the Spanish Civil War) was featured as part of BBC Radio 3’s Poetry Season, selected by her sister Lucy Duran, time to coincide with both the 70th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and the 40th anniversary of their father’s death. It’s a mark of her poetic skill that her family wish to share her poems despite their personal and intimate subject matter.

Selections of Jane Duran’s poems have also been published in Poetry Introduction 8 (Faber and Faber, 1993), Making for Planet Alice (Bloodaxe, 1997) and in La Generacion del Cordero (Trilce Ediciones, Mexico, 2000).

 Jane Duran at Enitharmon

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