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Judith Nicholls
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Judith Nicholls poet

Judith Nicholls was born in a Lincolnshire village and now lives in Wiltshire.


Caliban’s Cave (Collins Educational, 2011)

The Crawly Caterpillar (Little Scholastic, 2007)

The Noisy Egg (Little Scholastic, 2007)

The Tiny Tadpole (Little Scholastic, 2007)

Billywise (Bloomsbury, 2002)

Caterpillars Can’t Fly (Ladybird, 2001)

Inky Pinky Blot (Ladybird, 2001)

Knock Knock (Picture Ladybirds, 1998)

The Giant Walks (Picture Ladybirds, 1996)

Who Am I? (Picture Ladybirds, 1996)

You Can’t Park An Elephant in a Car Park! (Collins Educational, 1994)

Storm’s Eye (Oxford University Press, 1994)

Jigglewords (Nelson Storychest, 1993)

Wish You Were Here? (Oxford University Press, 1992)

Dragonsfire (Faber and Faber, 1990)

Magic Mirror (Faber and Faber, 1987)

Midnight Forest (Faber and Faber, 1985)

Judith Nicholls is one of Britain’s best-known poets for children and a prolific visitor of schools with appearances on radio, TV and in a poetry training video with Michael Rosen. Many of her early books are now out of print. Her first job was on a woman’s magazine. Judith Nicholls later became a teacher. Her editorial work brings her total publication credits to over fifty books.

She wrote her first poem aged seven and continued to write during her shy teenage years. Judith Nicholls believes anyone can write a poem providing they are happy to keep editing and re-writing it until it says  that the writer wants to say and how the writer wants to say it. She uses a traditional, almost nonsensical refrain in her poems and often uses rhyming quatrains along with sound effects to bind together parts of poems with a freer construction. For example Fishing Song uses names of fish and the bait used to catch them.

Judith Nicholls at Bloomsbury http://www.bloomsbury.com/Judith-Nicholls/authors/675


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