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Julie-ann Rowell
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Julie-ann Rowell poet

Julie-ann Rowell was born in Devon, studied and worked in London and Berkshire and then returned to Devon where she now lives.


Letters North (Brodie Press, 2008)

Convergence (Brodie Press, 2003)

Children’s Fiction

Shadow Dance (Solidus Press, 2011)

Sea Change (Solidus Press, 2002; 2004)

Julie-ann Rowell read Sociology at Reading University and worked as a technical writer and editor. She gained an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and now teaches poetry at the University of Bristol. Whilst at Bath she edited the Irish Studies Review journal. Julie-ann Rowell is also a freelance copywriter and proofreader.

Julie-ann Rowell won first prize in the 1998 New Writer Poetry Short Collection competition, second prize in the 2003 New Writer Poetry competition, was runner-up in the BT section of the 2000 National Poetry Competition, first prize in the 2005 Frogmore Poetry competition and was runner-up in the 2005
Bridport Poetry Competition.

Sea Change was the first in a trilogy about a fourteen-year-old girl, Oriana Belle Tavey, who runs away to sea disguised as a boy in 1718. Shadow Dance is the second in the series.

Letters North is a fine collection. Positioning the self in relation to place, and memory, Rowell presents a world where events and objects are both vividly realised in their own right and a means of connecting with others across time and space. The letters of the title refer to more than just the title sequence; Rowell writes poems that are urgent communications, forging a shared present with the reader.” Jane Griffiths

Official website http://www.jarowell.co.uk/


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