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Kate Noakes
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Kate Noakes poet
Kate Noakes was born in Guildford, Surrey to Welsh parents and is now based in Reading, Berkshire and has previously lived in California and South Australia.


The Wall Menders (Two Rivers Press, 2009)

Ocean to the Interior (Mighty Erudite, 2007)

Kate Noakes has degrees in Geography and English Literature from Reading University, an MPhil in Creative Writing and is a member of Yr Academi Gymrieg. She is a member of Reading’s poetry workshop, Thin Raft, and regularly performs at the Poets’ Café at South Street Arts Centre in Reading.

Kate Noakes poems are widely published in poetry magazines and anthologies. She was a prize-winner in the 2006 Poetry London and 2007 Iota and 2007 Cheshire Poetry Competitions. In 2008 she won the Rhyme and Reason Poetry Competition.

Kate Noakes set up Boomslang Poetry to offer poetry readings and workshops in the UK.

“This sequence clusters in couplets and metrical rhythms that relax in long lines. Not that this is unique to the collection, but here the subject and its music seem most harmonious. The poems run in regular stanza lengths. Unstressed syllables frequent line ends, so metre and enjambement are relied upon to stretch meaning and potential, into the space created around the poem. A space edged with lush imagery of pearls, sticky-beaks and minerals a-plenty. This collection addresses many facets of our interaction with nature, and while some ring louder bells for me than others, all hold water and convince me of their truth for the writer. Noakes writes with a quiet sincerity that tugs at the need for reconsidering how we work with nature, how we live in our imagined landscapes and how we can unite the two.” Sarah Hymas (Eyewear)

Official Website: http://www.boomslangpoetry.co.uk/


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