Living Published Women Poets in the UK
Marita Over
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Marita Over poet

Marita Over was born in the UK and spent her early life in Ethiopia where her parents were missionaries. She spent some time teaching English as a Foreign Language in Finland and now lives in Cumbria.


Not Knowing Itself (Arrowhead Press, 2007)

Other Lilies (Frogmore Press, 1997)

Marita Over has previously worked as a teacher, a nurse and creative writing tutor. She has now trained as a counsellor and, after focusing on poetry, has begun writing fiction as well. Her first novel is set in Ethiopia and is looking for a publisher. Marita Over contrasts poetry and fiction as poetry’s focus being on “the unit of sentence or phrase and its relation to the line in space, which may sound pretty academic, but every word and the space around it mattered” but fiction is “even more satisfying to find a hermetically sealed off sense of mystery at a character’s core”.

Marita Over received an Eric Gregory Award and an Arts Council Bursary. Her poems have been included in anthologies such as The Forward Book of Poetry (Forward, 2008 and 1999), Both Sides of Hadrian’s Wall (Selkirk Lapwing, 2006), The Gregory Anthology (Sinclair-Stevenson, 1994).

“You can’t just read them and move on. Their challenges are fundamentally arresting. This isn’t poetry as artistry: it’s a poet grappling with the central issues of her life…Not Knowing Itself is full of vitally  important poems to the poet, with strong resonance for all of us. It is extraordinary.” Helena Nelson (in ‘Ambit’)


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