Living Published Women Poets in the UK
Maureen Jivani
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Maureen Jivani lives in Bookham. She has published poetry and short fiction in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. She has an MPhil in writing from the University of Glamorgan.


Insensible Heart, (Cardiff: Mulfran, 2009)

My Shinji Noon, (Cardiff: Mulfran, 2010)


Shortlisted for the London Festival Fringe New Poetry Award 2010.


on Insensible Heart: “With surgical delicacy, precision and skill, Maureen Jivani’s poems take us deep within the body; she offers us a heart which ‘shivered like an injured bird’ in the narrator’s hands, and her poems effortlessly blend surreal possibilities with the visceral physicality of the human form. Her work shows what it means to be flesh-and-blood human – and, in the deliciously subversive ‘Lessons for Cubs’ (Remember a skinned bear may look like man) how closely human and animal species are connected. A compassionate chronicler of the ‘hopeless ghosts’ who occupy the uneasy territories between life and death, this is a stunning first collection which explores, and delights in, the poetics of medicine.” 
Catherine Smith

Mulfran Press



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