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Naomi Foyle
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Naomi Foyle poet

Naomi Foyle was born in London, grew up in Hong Kong, Liverpool and Saskatchewan and now lives in Brighton.


Grace of the Gamblers: A Chantilly Chantey (Waterloo Press, 2010)

The World Cup (Waterloo Press, 2010)

The Night Pavilion (Waterloo Press, 2008)

Red Hot and Bothered (Lansdowne Press, 2003)

Naomi Foyle trained in theatre and has an MA in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths College and a Doctorate in Creating Writing from Bangor University. Red Hot and Bothered won the Apples and Snakes Book Bites Back competition. Naomi Foyle has collaborated with artists, musicians and filmmakers on projects including the video poem Good Definition (2004) and an opera Hush (1990).

After researching into female suicide bombers, Naomi Foyle visited Egypt as a member of the Gaza Freedom March, which took place in Cairo after permission to travel to Gaza was denied. On return, she founded the British Writers In Support of Palestine Facebook Group.

“Subtle and wild, passionate and wise, Naomi Foyle’s second collection will bring her yet more admirers. Whether she is writing of the indigenos of Mexico or the state terrorism Israel practices on the people of Gaza: whether she writes of love and its mazes and despairs; the mishaps of a gangly footballer; or the free spirits of her home town Brighton, Naomi Foyle shoots both from the heart and the head. A vivid, pacey raconteur, with a sharp eye for satire, unusually, she shines at the longer narrative poem, burnishing a minor crisis into something wondrous, always with a relish for the pleasures of life whether serious or absurd. Warmth, curiosity, human sympathy are the base notes of a poetry commanding dramatically different themes and settings, and a variety of forms,” Judith Kazantzis

Naomi Foyle on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/naomifoyle

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