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Pat Earnshaw
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Pat Earnshaw poet and writer

Pat Earnshaw lives in South East England.


Virtual Eden (Gorse Publications, 2008)

Gothic Tales (Gorse Publications, 2005)

The Golden Hinde (Redbeck Press, 2002)

My Cat Vince (Gorse Publications 2000)

Out on a Limb (Gorse Publications, 1999)

Cychosis (Gorse Publications, 1997)

Pigeon Grounded (Gorse Publications, 1996)

Non Fiction

A Dictionary of Lace (Dover Publications, 1999)

Identification of Lace (Shire Publications, 1999)

How to Recognise Machine Laces (Gorse Publications 1995)

Lace Machines and Machine Laces 2 (Gorse Publications 1995)

Lace Machines and Machine Laces 1 (Gorse Publications, 1994)

Embroidered Machine Nets: Limerick and Worldwide (Gorse Publications, 1993)

Limerick Run Laces: A Introduction (Gorse Publications 1992)

Outlines and Stitches: A Guide to Design with Special Reference to Halas Needlelaces (Grose Publications, 1992)

Lace in Fashion from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Centuries (Gorse Publications, 1991)

Needle Lace (Embroidery Skills) (Murdoch Books, 1991)

Youghal Lace: the Craft and the Cream (Gorse Publications, 1990)

Threads of Lace from Source to Sink (Gorse Publications, 1989)

Bobbin and Needle Laces: Identification and Care (B T Batsford Ltd, 1988)

Needle-made Laces: Materials, Designs, Techniques (Cassell Illustrated, 1988)

Youghal and other Irish Laces (Gorse Publications, 1988)

A Dictionary of Lace (Shire Publications, 1994)

Bobbin and Needle Lances: Identification and Care (Batsford Ltd, 1983)

The Systematics of Flowering Plants (Methuen, 1952)

Pat Earnshaw graduated in Biology and taught in the subject in technical colleges in and around London. Pat Earnshaw also developed an interest in antique lace and was invited on international lecture tours, including a slot as a Panel Lecturer for the Victoria and Albert Museum and lectured for the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies.

A selection of thirteen tales from My Cat Vince won First Prize in the Scintilla Open Poetry Competition 2000. Pat Earnshaw was awarded an Arts Council Grant to work on a series of poems about her childhood which resulted in Virtual Eden.

“Someone whose name I can’t recall said reading Chekov was reading about yourself. That’s the feeling I got as I started to read ‘Virtual Eden’. The drunk rector in ‘Buried’ reminded me of the priest at my friend’s wedding who pronounced her fiancé and herself man and wife when she alone had said the vows and ‘I do.’ The flies in the room where a corpse is laid out brought to mind a wooden church on Russia, an old woman sitting in a shaft of sunlight by an open coffin and swallows darting through the eaves catching flies.” Sue Butler (HappenStance)

Official website: http://www.pat-earnshaw.net/

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