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Petra Whiteley
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Petra Whiteley was born in Czech Republic but England has been her home since 1993. She now lives in North Dorset with her partner, her daughter, and from July (2011) with their newborn son. She writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction which appeared in many webzines (i.e. Apt, Danse Macabre, ditch, The Recusant, Weirdyear, Unlikely Stories 2.0, regularly on political and/or literary issues for the Glasgow Review, Eleutheria and Osprey) and print magazines (i.e. The Plebian Rag, Essence).  Whiteley’s reviews of CDs and interviews with musicians  regularly appear in Reflections of Darkness, a dark music webzine.

Publications: The Nomad’s Trail (Ettrick Forest Press, 2008)

The Moulding Of Seers (Shadow Archer Press, 2009)

Exhibition Of Defined Moments (erbacce-press, 2011)


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I consider Petra Whiteley one of the greatest contemporary poets, yet still ‘Exhibition of Defined Moments’ stuns in all its depth and richness. Rarely during the reading of one book have I found myself pausing so often for breath. Whiteley is consistently brilliant, but now she has surpassed even herself. Read ‘Exhibition of Defined Moments’ and experience the very best of modern poetry and artistry.

A.D.Hitchin (Author of ‘Messages to Central Control’)

This poetry has to be recommended. This book has to be read. Poetry is not dead and we must thank Petra Whiteley for her contribution to, not just its survival, but the vitality of its blossoming future.

Gillian Prew is the author of, DISCONNECTIONS (erbacce-press, 2011)


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