Living Published Women Poets in the UK
Redell Olsen
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Redell Olsen lives and works in London. She studied at the University of Cambridge, and taught at Dartington College of the Arts before coming to teach at Royal Holloway, London.



Book of the Insect (Rem Press, 1999)

Book of the Fur (Rem Press, 2000)

Secure Portable Space (Reality Street, 2004)

Here Are My Instructions (Gefn, 2004)

Punk Faun: a bar rock pastel (forthcoming)


Work in Other Genres

Managing Editor, How(2)



Secure Portable Space intelligently, playfully, and mercilessly refigures gender covers and gender codes. Olsen is a performative poet whose language acts with great precision on the page.”

Carla Harryman


Redell Olsen’s Website


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