Living Published Women Poets in the UK
Rhian Edwards
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Rhian Edwards poet

Rhian Edwards was born in Bridgend, Mid-Glamorgan and still lives in Wales.


Clueless Dogs (forthcoming)

Parade the Fib (tall-lighthouse 2008)

Rhian Edwards is primarily a performance poet and has performed her work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Ledbury Poetry Festival, Laugharne Literary Festival, the Latitude Festival, The Green Man Festival, The Verb on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 2 and myspace. Her poems have also been exhibited at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Rhian Edwards has also composed songs for guitar and ukulele which have been performed at gigs at the Jazz Café and Barfly.

“These poems are from a highly distinctive new voice. They bristle with sensual wit, chronicling relationships young and old, personal portraits and the minutiae of life as we live it. The unique voice lies I the music of the language, a distinctly un-English sound, often in a minor key, elegiac but with unexpected leaps of the imagination. Against a Celtic bass-line, she sets her own modern turn of phrase and sense of humour.” Hugo Williams

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