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Rosemary Furber
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Rosemary Furber poet and novelist

Rosemary Furber was born in Belfast and lives in London.


Sweet Seventeens (Lapwing Press, 2010)


The Most Intimate Place (Maia Press, 2009)

Children’s Books

What You See Is What You Get (Wolfhound Press, 2004)

Non Fiction

You’re Nicked (Crombie Jardine, 2007)

I Sue You (Crombie Jardine, 2006)

Radio Play

The Fine Art of the Law (2005)

Rosemary Furber’s Sweet Seventeens is a collection of haiku-like poems using seventeen syllables per piece and her first collection of poetry.

Rosemary Furber read Law at Cambridge and worked for a City solicitor. After a journalism course at Goldsmiths College, London, Rosemary Furber began writing articles published in The Evening Standard, Independent on Sunday and Sunday Tribune before switching to writing full-time. Her previous legal training was utilised in her two non fiction books which collect draft court cases and ridiculous crimes from all over the world. The case of a man who turned up at a bank in County Cork, Ireland and waved a coat folded over his arm as if it was hiding a gun, however, the coat slipped showing there was no gun and he left quickly, had to be left out.

Although adamant she “didn’t write it”, Rosemary Furber turned the script for Hic!, Julian Curry’s one-man show about the history of wine, into a book with illustrations by Chris Duggan. The book, Hic! was published by Vinum Bonum in 2001.

Official Website http://www.rosemaryfurber.com/

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