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Sue Rose
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Sue Rose poet

Sue Rose was born in London and now lives in Kent.


From the Dark Room (Cinnamon Press, 2011)

Sue Rose works as a literary translator. She won the Troubadour Prize in 2009 and was the Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year in 2008. She has an MPhil in Creative Writing.

Sue Rose is a co-founder of Scatterlings with two other poets. The Scatterlings poets have given readings in venues around the South East including Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral and the Nevill Gallery, Canterbury.

“Often in Sue Rose’s poems, light turns out to contain darkness and vice versa. In Hard Skin, the ‘callused contours’ and disfigurements of ageing feet become a stage where mutual love and need are acted out; in Making a Gem the ashes of a married couple ‘his and hers, light and dark/perhaps’ combine, shaped by heat, and form a diamond. Words too, carrying their freight of different meanings and associations – ‘travelling light’, ‘the dark room of childhood’ – combine, becoming what they always had it in them to be.” Sheenagh Pugh

Sue Rose at Poetry pf: http://www.poetrypf.co.uk/suerosepage.shtml

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