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Valerie Jack
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Valerie Jack poet

Valerie Jack currently lives on a narrow boat.


Live-Aboard (forthcoming)

educational (tall-lighthouse, 2009)


Vocation (forthcoming)

Fireworks (Etcetera Theatre, Camden, London, 2010)

Valerie Jack teaches English and Classics and has previously worked as an examiner for three A-Level units. Her second poetry collection Live-Aboard will include poems drawing on her experiences of living on a narrow boat as well as exploring contemporary and historical views of life on a boat.

Valerie Jack is also a playwright. She graduated from the Royal Court’s Young Writers’ Programme and developed work with the Hampstead Theatre and the National Theatre Studio. Her first play, Fireworks is based around Katie’s birthday on 5 November. Katie has Prader-Willi Syndrome and simply wants to eat cake and sweets. However, her friends have other motives and a cracked combination code, a missing jigsaw piece and a serious allegation build towards an explosive climax

“Valerie Jack’s pared-down hyper-realist vocabulary brings the world into high definition. Her poems are like arrows to the mark, we feel their impact. Shunning additional metaphor, they achieve metaphorical status by telling the truth,” Hugo Williams

Official website http://www.valeriejack.com/



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