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Victoria Pugh
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Victoria Pugh poet

Victoria Pugh was born in London has lived in the Lake District, Wales and now lives in Reading.


Mrs Marvellous (Two Rivers Press, 2008)

Victoria Pugh has an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University and teaches literacy and learning skills at Thames Valley University. She finds the natural world of landscapes and seascapes discovered whilst living in the Lake District and Wales a rich source of inspiration for her poetry.

Victoria Pugh is a member of the Second Light Network.

“Victoria Pugh’s eponymous poem Mrs Marvellous effectively sets the key-note of this collection, which might be summed up as ‘the sting in the tail’. To me Mrs Marvellous is the mother-figure who takes self-sacrifice too far, ‘She jumped from a crane – was crushed on the pavement // That was enough. / Thank you, Mrs. Marvellous’. Inventive and skilful, using familiar settings like supermarket and department store, Pugh modernises the technique of fable and creates a deceiving world where, alerted by her laconic style, we are primed for the trip-wire. Here, love, and fantasies about love, disappoint: ‘The little bristles on his chin / were so sharp / they pierced her heart. / Now they rub her / up the wrong way’; old age sneaks up on those in their prime; the solid world becomes scary, ‘She’d seen / a crack in the universe that anyone can fall in’; reliable people become dependent; people who kneel before you turn out to be  kneeling on you … Clearly, there’s a limit to the technique but Pugh offers relief: while irony predominates, some poems express gentle regret, such as sensitive poems about ageing and dying, Nude and Friend. Some highly inventive poems are surreal: ‘And he emptied the box of teeth / all over the bed. // He pulled out a drawer / and tipped the contents on the floor. // He found: // A pendant made of plastic / with a crab trapped inside it.’ (You Are What You Keep). This is an interesting, original and sometimes deeply moving first collection.” Dilys Wood (Artemis)


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